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Hiroki Ishikawa <trail running>

Proto rail runner

  • The date of birth:

    April 29, 1975

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Person who generally made "sports, competition to run in mountain" widely available as trail running as outdoor sports that adopted Europe and America-style widely in running world of Japan.

We start activity in 2001 as professional trail runner. We play an active part in race in Japan and foreign countries with the second straight victory of mountains endurance race (popular name Tsune Hase cup) in Japan as a start for .2003 years in 2002. We make an expedition alone led by the United States and we give good grade with 100 miles (160km) of trail running lace that there are few people who still know in Japan in those days and, after 2004, acquire "Grand Slam of Ultrarunning" in 2007. While fighting in one place after another with overseas lace as athlete afterwards; lace domestic and foreign as the trail running first person in Japan nobody still turns around positively in field which has not run, and take every information and knowledge to go to Japan. We produce event and lace utilized rich experience throughout Japan and concentrate power on the healthy spread of trail running that is outdoor sports.

[lace military service]

  • 2001

    Part (MTB/ Tre orchid) of Self-Discovery in king waterfall Double entry


  • 2002-2003

    Japanese mountains endurance race Tsuneo Hasegawa cup

    We win the championship two years in a row

  • 2004

    Hard Rock Endurance Run 100mile (the United States)

    The 29th place


    Wasatch Front 100 Endurance Run (the United States)

    15th place, etc.


    We achieve Rocky Mountain Slam


  • 2007

    Western States 100-mile Endurance Run

    The ninth place


    Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run

    The fifth place


    We get Grand Slam of Ultrarunning


[lace produce]

  • Kitakyusyu, Hiraodai trail running lace 17/40km
  • Sendai, spring is take outdoor sports 30km
  • Madaraokogen trail running lace 15/50km
  • Forest trail running lace 30km of Takeda


Risa Suzuki
Risa Suzuki <running>

Marathon runner

  • The date of birth:

    September 7, 1984

  • Qualification:

    Pressurization instructor
    The athlete food Meister third grade

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We play a game from 2009 and start. Position experience to athletic club achieves subthree in one and a half years in race career of few thing.
We attract attention by having acted as cover girl of running magazine "runners", and it is come up afterwards by much media.
There is "textbook of this "completion" 42.195km easy for most that it is possible for what "we did because I who was not able to run as for ten minutes a day either cut three hours by full marathon" in book (we translated in Taiwan and were published) without walking full marathon till the last".
We sign on ARTSPORTS and sponsor from 2012.
We are active as marathon runner and realize record improvement of many citizen's runners now while we work as pressurization instructor.

[personal best]

  • ・Full marathon

    Two hours 39 minutes 57 seconds (Tokyo Marathon 2016. The Women seventh place of Japanese people)

  • ・Half marathon

    One hour 17 minutes 49 seconds (2013 Adachi friendly marathon. Championship, meeting record)

[main prize career]

  • 2016

    Komon Mito leisurely tour marathon championship (the first champion)


    Shinjuku city half marathon championship (the second straight victory)


    Echigoyuzawa cosmos half marathon championships

  • 2015

    Shinjuku city half marathon championships

  • 2014

    Karuizawa half marathon championship (meeting new .2 straight victory)


    Hitachi cherry tree road race championship (the second straight victory)


    Shibuya, Omotesando WOMAN `S RUN championship

  • 2013

    Shonan international marathon championship


    Karuizawa half marathon championship


    Hitachi cherry tree road race championships

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