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[3/23] Ninja tarp how to put on class

"There is not thing that we did only same how to put on" even from how to put on which variation is done multi-tarp, but uses more than 30 ways
"Art of how to put on" that "we want to know what kind of how to put on there is" hears nadonogo opinion well.
Tarp having various how to use,
One how to use shikadekinainjamottainai! Meet toiukotode, the staff of pagowakusu; and various how to put on and arts,
We have you demonstrate and comment on applied methods.
Person examining the purchase not to yet have is welcome.
In addition, please participate by all means as you can see "Ninja nest" which is usable as Tent in combination with release planned tarp in this April quickly.

  • [the date and time] Thursday, March 23, 2017 from 20:15 to 21:15
  • [place] ARTSPORTS ODBOX Main Store the second floor
  • [capacity] 15 (by appointment only)
  • [entrance fee] Free of charge
  • [application] ARTSPORTS ODBOX Main Store TEL: 03-3833-8636


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