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The 24th Japan mountains endurance race "Tsuneo Hasegawa CUP" completion report

Tsune Hase CUP is over safely and is going to reach the weekend again. Three staff participates in Tsune Hase CUP of this year from ARTSPORTS. Staff Matsui is 3 by generation distinction of 60s...


The staff


We participated in ... ARTSPORTS X patagoniaCUP ... We go to booth sale of UTMF, STY and are full of autumn trail running afterwards for approximately these ten days...

Trail running

Satoru Hosoda

Let's run with Risa Suzuki! "Aim sub3.5 breakthrough private supplementary school" - practical skill ...

Full-scale marathon season begins at last. We hold exercise party for runners aiming at sub3.5 (three and a half hours limit) by marathon this time.   ...

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[10/22-23] Running tennis
Enthusiastic city [notice]

Enthusiastic city of theme park running tennis of sporting goods!   Finest Item that the staff of art loves though it is enthusiastic and does not stop...

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Risa Suzuki "Echigoyuzawa cosmos half marathon" lace report

[meeting name] The 15th Echigoyuzawa cosmos half marathon [the date and time] Sunday, September 25, 2016 9:30 start [record] one hour 28 minutes 39 seconds [order] first place (first appearance, Women synthesis A...

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Risa Suzuki column: The latter part
"Introduction of habitual use shoes"

  >>The first part introduces habitual use shoes promptly.   Three pairs of shoes which I use habitually. Jogging use "is GEL-DS TRAI...

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"Trigger point muscular fasciae release bodily sensation meeting"

Which part is it usable in whether there is on earth what kind of effect with trigger point on earth what kind of Item trigger point that athletes of the world use is it is body?...

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Risa Suzuki column: The first part
"It is all right in the present shoes"

  We enter soon in marathon season!     First…We will check state of shoes.   ・Sole wears down...

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[the next time next spring arrival] Gregory Rufus 8 new model!

  ISHIAKAWA HIROKI supervision of ARTSPORTS signing, trail running puck "Rufus 8" are 9/28 precedent release. Confidence that Ishikawa kept on being particular about the details to the very end...

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[10/1] Annex, Shibuya shop
News of business hours change

We change business hours of Okachimachi annex and Shibuya shop as follows from October 1, 2016. Cause inconvenience, but it seems to be able to be understood; request monkey...

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