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We appreciate your usually using ARTSPORTS homepage (the following, our homepage) more. On reading, the use of our page, please read the following contents. In addition, please note that you may change without notice about the following contents.


1. Copyright Policy

Copyright about contents (sentence, photograph, video, image, data, image, graphics, animation) of our homepage and these placement, editing belongs to ARTSPORTS and the creator. I decline these unauthorized use, reproduction, changes, commercial use firmly.

2. About trademark

As for logo or the mark about product and service published on our homepage, trademark belongs to ARTSPORTS. Act that may conflict with would like trademark of ARTSPORTS not to do.

3. Sentence and the content

We about document on our homepage and the contents named state of things do not guarantee. We cannot take responsibility at all by any chance when contents of document on our homepage have error. In addition, please understand beforehand as matter listed in document on our homepage may be changed without notice.

4. Country where is targeted for product, service

Only product / service living in Japan in information to offer information placed in our homepage for Japan is purchase / acquisition possibility.

5. Publication day and the contents

Information placed in our homepage is information at point in time when we published. Please note that you may be changed after point in time when we published.

6. Others

We do not bear all responsibility about the damage that we occurred by the use of our homepage and stop of our website, the damage by cancellation.

7. About recommended environment

In the case of use, in the case of use, the OS recommends Mac OS after ten with Macintosh in Windows Vista .7.8 by Windows.
Browser recommends that you look at in Internet Explorer (more than 8), Firefox, Safari, Chrome.

8. About JavaScript

There is page that uses JavaScript to use more usefully on our homepage. When JavaScript is invalidated by browser setting of use, it does not function definitely or we may not be displayed definitely. I would like our homepage to have JavaScript remain in effect by browser setting in the case of the use.

9. About style sheet

We use style sheet on our homepage. When visitor is browser of the use, and style sheet is invalidated, we may not be displayed definitely. When you look at, we recommend that style sheet is validated by browser setting.

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