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Privacy Policy

ARTSPORTS (following, "we") thinks that it is important as social duty to protect about personal information of all visitor and the people concerned with us appropriately and, based on the following policies, carries out protection, management, operation, the use of personal information thoroughly.

Privacy policy

This protection policy determined basic matter which you should observe to perform management operation of personal information that we held appropriately.

1. The observance of laws and ordinances, model

We observe laws and ordinances about personal information and other models.

2. Thorough appropriate information management

We take appropriate precautionary measures for abuse, loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak. In addition, we perform education training about "privacy policy" for all employees and work on appropriate management. In addition, we get up in personal information and the same line about company information and do if targeted for management.

3. Collection purpose and range

When I take personal information, we clarify the purpose of use and collect as far as it is necessary.

4. Use in collection purpose range

We do not deposit the use, offer beyond use range with consent of person or protector or range of request to be based on laws and ordinances.

5. Limit and management of disclosure

We manage appropriately that we perform confidentiality of personal information to hold and do not perform the handling more than use range that obtained consent or ranges of request to be based on laws and ordinances. We control to handle under the strict management when we disclose personal information to the outside based on use range that obtained consent.

6. Continuous improvement

We grasp laws and ordinances, social model, Change of information technology to manage personal information appropriately and we always review structure of management and push forward continuous improvement.

About personal information collection and the use

1. Information that can identify individual

For visitor whom our site is used for, we may ask for offer of "information that can identify individual". Necessary case corresponds to this to have you use case that service that visitor hopes for needed personal information and our site more comfortably. With "information that can identify individual," the name, address, e-mail address, phone number of visitor is included. It is left whether you offer personal information to our site to judgment of visitor. However, we may not use some functions on us when certain reporting is refused.

2. About the handling of personal information

Fair management is the lowest, and personal information collected on our site accumulates safely and keeps. Management is thorough, and it may not be taken outside in the company inside either. We may not offer personal information collected on us to third party when we are required by law or unless it was necessary to protect our right and property. In addition, we limit range of employee who can access personal information of all of you in office as much as possible and act in preventing outbreak of accident.

3. About application of privacy policy

When our site is used, we consider that it is agreed to privacy policy and Terms of Use. When it is not agreed, please refrain from the use of our site. In addition, we will consider the use of our next site to agree to privacy policy after change in future when we make change to privacy policy without notice.

4. About exhibition of information

We offer information to any third party or we may not be released unless we correspond to any of the following.
○When we are required by law or when it is necessary to protect our right and property
○When, for duties trust points, we enter into confidentiality contract beforehand so that we do not use personal information other than the duties of our trust
○When there is agreement of visitor

Coverage of privacy policy

This policy applies to information dealt with in our website.
Please send question about this policy to our person in charge.

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