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[full thanks] NB HANZO training event

Finally it is me to kill

Do you not ask yourself about daily training "is it good in this??"
By NB HANZO training program, we maximize your training efficiency by advice for Speed Plus and advice with "SILENT HUNTER" with the player results in relay road race and business group. We let daily growth accelerate more.
NB HANZO training event
※As we reached capacity, we finished acceptance.
Capacity: Ten people
The date and time: February 4, 2017 from 10:00 to 12:00 (around two hours)
Place: ARTSPORTS Shibuya shop B1F navigator room
[first half part: the measurement]
・Using opt jump, it is the measurement of size of correct foot by the measurement, Whiz sizing about run such as pace and stride, laterality of foot
[the latter half: counseling]
・It is introduced individual advice, training method while analyzing result of a measurement
[questions and answers]
Wearing is going to offer attempt of NB HANZO series of release partly on the day in January.
※Please participate in mobile clothes.
We wait for one right or wrong participation interesting.




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