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[full thanks] GARMIN presents intellect tsu profit! GARMIN clinic - GPS watch practice course ...

Do you usually train using running watch?
Superior watch to know to distance and pace let alone time when a lot of articles with a built-in GPS sensor ran becomes mainstream recently.
In addition, already person you have!
Is there one where we cannot manage well and are troubled with?
Do you not break off various uneasiness and trouble at this opportunity?
We explain function while seeing real operation screen in such a thing from such a thing that it is possible for with merit in the staff of GARMIN JAPAN using GPS watch from basic operation and the latest model and demonstrate the latest function using running machine on the day and….
It is experience-based course to be able to learn various information happily thoroughly.

※Image is image.


  • ※As we reached capacity, we finished acceptance.
  • The date and time: Saturday, April 22 10:00 ~12 time (reception desk half past 9 ...)
  • Place: ARTSPORTS Shibuya shop B1F navigator room
  • The offer number of people: 15 people
  • Entrance fee: Free of charge
  • Cooperation: GARMIN JAPAN

It is targeted for offer:
●Though we are interested, is it usable properly? We are troubled by the tte purchase.
●Though we use GARMIN, we want to know more how to use in detail.
●We want to make the most of function of GARMIN by full ya ultramarathon.
●Performance wants to know training function to lead to improving.
…If it is person who is interested in to々, GPS watch, please participate in anyone.
Reception desk method: Store, TEL
Reception desk store: ARTSPORTS, ODBOX Main Store TEL 03-3833-8636
     ARTSPORTS Shibuya shop TEL 03-3770-7887

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