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Special feature [BURN 2017 new model]

We fly away with new racket to 2017 that Nishikori aims at "world No1"


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Height of Nishikori is 178 centimeters.
It is tall one in Japanese, but is low among top professionals fighting in the world.
Shot that player of high height hits for Nishikori bounds after bound highly and is ball which it is hard to take very much when it is the coat rear.
Anyway, fire ball by the inside of baseline, early tempo to recapture world NO.1. Not only we can beat before ball bounds highly, but also distance to run is controlled and can start high performance through game. In addition, preservation of physical strength in tournament is connected directly with winning rate of the next game. Injuries will decrease, too.
to WILSON thought about whether you could not put such a "technique not to be tiring" on racket either.
Racket ... which performance that ideal is point that the first point and match point of the first game were grasped in, and player has the same can start


Nishikori challenges the world with powerful weapon in 2017.
It is BURN95CV


Attention keyword "CV"
It is abbreviation of Counter veil with CV.
Innovative solution, it to remove vibration are "Countervail®" (Counter veil) (patent acquisition product). Countervail® created through joint development by famous bicycle maker "Bianchi" and material science company can let you cancel up to 80% of vibration while having original carbon fiber structure and viscoelasticity, and improving rigidity and strength. We are used in frames such as road bikes and are used as new material holding vibration from the ground in check.
This Counter veil to tennis racket.
If vibration decreases, minute movement of muscle decreases. As a result, it leads to reducing fatigue of player. Physical strength is kept in game and can show high performance for long time.
Place where achievement of Rao niche player using racket "BLADE" which leads, and was carried is new in memory.
Nishikori wins the points by various Shot to fight against overseas large player. Time to suffer from one game ...1 game ...1 point gets longer that there is very little service ace and takes point from rally as we understand from data of the article upper part.
"Racket which is hard to be worn-out" is racket which he strongly expected to win.
It will be certain that racket which "is hard to be worn-out" which increased this innovative material pushes up Nishikori in world NO.1.

◆BURN 95 CV of use of Nishikori

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Balance that 309 grams, the top are heavy. Power of this racket is unmissable.
We cannot return anymore if we sense ball at the time of hold bodily to core.
Let's fight against the world in BURN which evolved in new material that fatigue is hard to be accumulated.
2017 Kei Nishikori use model.
※It is going to release in the end of December, 2016.
◆BURN 95J CV which is recommended for woman, teen's generation

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"Specifications that Nishikori loved in the teen's times"
As well as man, it is one which we want to recommend to woman and teens who want to become better. Area is 95 square inches, but is good to courses of a pitched ball near flat of woman. The ARTSPORTS staff evaluates lightest 95J in racket using Counter veil high, too.
Because teens catch ball thick, it takes strong spin.
It will become strong by racket which raised Nishikori.
※It is going to release in February, 2017.
◆In wide layer. All-around BURN 100S CV

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String pattern that "spin effect technology" that WILSON had patent toward reduced the number of wefts than warp. Snapback is easy to happen, and overwhelming spin is available in usual swing.
When some Might of 100 square inches of slightly wide expanse have taken off core, they feel relieved.
ARTSPORTS staff Sekiguchi is the best recommended!
※It is going to release in January, 2017.

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