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[discount improves in 8% OFF] Gather more than ten people; and advantageous team registration of ARTSPORTS.

Advantageous team members privilege that is got for free registration

Team member's card use possibility store

It is available in ARTSPORTS, ODBOX Main Store, ANNEX shop, Shibuya shop.



It is OK in more than ten members! To register?

If it is more than 10 team clubs, groups, we can register.

We fill in item necessary for predetermined registration form which there is in each ARTSPORTS shop,

Please order to each main store, Shibuya shop, annex store.

After registration processing, I send team member's card and guide book to representative later.

Validity is one year

※When you cannot show the name or address in the case of registration, we cannot register.



In the above, if you have any questions, please refer to the staff without reserve.

Competition intention, health, diet and life sports. Purpose is various.

ARTSPORTS supports person challenging sports.

We look forward to visit of all of you.

All the staff

PR team

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