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[4/11] Class about way of intake of supplement in trail running lace more than 50km

Trail running season approached this year!
We think that there is much one trained for race to participate in.
Therefore we invite lecturer about way of intake of supplement for middle - long trail lace more than 50km in Sannomiya, Godo store and want to perform class.

  • [the date and time] Tuesday, April 11, 2017 from 19:00 to 20:00
  • [place] Ground plaza in IBS Ishii sports Sannomiya, Godo store
  • [capacity] 25 people
  • [class charges] 1,000 yen (payment would like the day)
  • ※As advance reservations are necessary, I would like reservation over store or telephone.
  • [application] ARTSPORTS Sannomiya, Godo store TEL: 078-265-1266

[lecturer introduction]
Michiu Saitou (saitoumichiu)
Vespa elite athlete service
We support ultramarathon, ultra trail, ultra man triathlon, endeyuransuresa including MTB marathon.
We think with player and practice meal, conditioning, preparations, lace, recovery of lace.
We take player along in lace and think about meal and supply, conditioning of meal - follow-up with player and act as support CRU during lace.

PR team

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