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[Hideo Nakagome] 53 times of columns "50"

For 2,017 years, it is a pleasure now what kind of one year it is this year.
We will cooperate as wet suit adviser of ARTSPORTS after starting triathlon this year in the 32nd-year season.
We want to suggest relief, wet suit which you can use comfortably to everybody. Thank you in advance.
And 2017
ARTSPORTS is the founding 50th anniversary
Furthermore, I am born; and 50 years

We reach 50 years together for half a century in 2017.
It thinks that leading thing of life is the greatest happy thing to still like even this age to reach 50 years old.
It is carried out a triathlon-centered activity without changing, but, without being satisfied with oneself present, we always keep growth in mind and want to advance little by little this year.
Participation to championship that participation does not come true for personal aim last in 2013 in Japan and completion. We believe the last power and want to go to race of fight with real swords once again.
And we want to keep instruction to have enjoy by content conveyed only in Nakagome for leader in mind.
Let's go through triathlon pleasantly happily together this year!
It is expression that is full of 50 years old, wrinkles, but feeling looks forward to being able to see all of you with cheerful figure wealthily.
We would like.

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